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in print

Pool, Bob and Jia-Rui Chong. "Contrarians at the Gates Go to Some Heights to Make a Point." Los Angeles Times. (April 26, 2005).

Breuer, Howard. "Guerrilla Art Group Mocks Exclusive L.A. Enclaves." Reuters. (April 26, 2005).
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    on AOL News

Lifson, Thomas. "Gated Communities." American Thinker. (April 26, 2005).

"Heavy Trash: вышки партизан борются со стенами и воротами." Membrana. (April 27, 2005)

Alvarez, Gloria. "Urban Art Activists Target Gated Communities." Eastside Sun. (April 28, 2005).

Anonymous. "Art Group Wants More Non-Gated Communities." Planetizen. (April 28, 2005).

Elsworth, Catherine. "Artists put private homes on public show." London Daily Telegraph. (April 29, 2005).

"Spießer gucken: Architekten stellen Aussichtsplattformen vor Gated Communities in L.A. auf". (April 27, 2005).

on radio

New Zealand Radio (forward to 42:48):

Irish Radio:

on television

KABC, Channel 7 5:30 PM News, Los Angeles. (April 25, 2005).
KNBC, Channel 4 5:30 PM News, Los Angeles. (April 25, 2005).
KCAL, Channel 9 6:00 PM News, Los Angeles. (April 25, 2005).


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