Building Communities Without Gates

Park La BreaHow can we build communities without gates?

According to suburban developer's market analysts, people want safety, secure property values, community spirit, services and amenities. Most of these variables fare little better inside gates than outside, even if services and amenities may at times be more generous on the inside.

So the question becomes - how can the City provide the personal and financial security, the sense of community and the services that people seek when they look to gated communities? Following are some ideas, all of which can and should be expanded upon as the dialog continues on how to make our city a better place for all of us:

  • Fix Proposition 13 - By restoring property taxes to a fair level and increasing local control of the revenues, cities will be able to make more significant investments in public infrastructure. This will reduce the incentive to create self-financed private enclaves simply to achieve a basic level of quality in the public realm. It will also fuel the hope that California can one day become again, as it was evident through the 1960s, the "Golden State."

    Park La Brea
  • Require Pedestrian Access for Gated Areas - Opening gated areas to pedestrians will help keep our cities democratic. It is very difficult to commit serious property crimes without a getaway car, so this move would likely create few real security impacts to gated areas. Rather, it would ensure that we can all enjoy our city's lovely promenades, vistas and hillside hikes without a membership card. It would also make it more difficult for those inside the gates and those outside to forget about each other.

  • More "Eyes on the Street" - We must make it easier to build the sort of mixed-use town and village areas that we love to spend time in across the county and around the world. Three things will help: reform woefully outdated 1950s planning codes that almost require urban sprawl, make more investment in city infrastructure, and allow legal second units ("granny flats") to be added to single family homes. The great urbanist Jane Jacobs wrote about the warming and sanctifying effect of people living, working and shopping on the same block, putting "eyes on the street." This is by far the most effective and least expensive way to make our neighborhoods feel -- not to mention actually become -- safer.

  • As a final suggestion, we offer this vision: we must Create Communities that Know No Walls. Los Angeles can one day become a strong network of connected urban communities, each taking pride in itself and its place in a broader vibrant region. That can only happen when people connect with each other locally -- across property lines, across community boundaries and, ultimately, across the physical barriers that separate us.

    And this is the spirit with which we have installed our viewing platforms; think of it as a call for eye contact between strangers. By affording people outside the gated enclaves the opportunity to see within -- and by helping those inside to know they are seen -- we hope to build bridges, both real and symbolic, between the world within and the world beyond the gates.


    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I like that not only have you brought attention to an issue, but you also offer a solution!

    12:38 PM  
    Blogger maegan said...

    I understand what you are saying and I agree that gated commuities are bad for the city. But wouldn't you agree that even non-gated communities have 'walls,' even if they are invisible, that keep people out? what do we do about these walls?

    11:01 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I'm really glad you're talking about Proposition 13. A lot of Californians just take it for granted that that a 'tax revolt' was a common sense thing to do. Yet, I and many others had to go through / are going through the school system it created. Believe me, moving to another country (I live in Canada now) makes you realize how far behind LA students are. I hope you can some day do a project that articulates a connection between tax dollars and gated communities... after all, people in Los Angeles aren't just "mysteriously unable" to form communities, it's structured into your city.

    To do this, I think you would have to get into an exploration of race and racism as a power structure in California, which has also determined how things look architecturally. Are you up for it?

    9:20 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I don't see the gates as a completely bad thing. If you have to live in a community with a lot of gangs and regular robberies, the communal gates are one way to avoid some risk. Despite what you all write, pedestrian access would be the main way people execute their getaway.

    The gated communities I'm talking about are not OC style or Park Labrea developments. I'm not even talking about those big condo projects like the Orsini. I'm talking about apartment buildings with gates to a central courtyard or a shared area. Having that front gate is another layer of security.

    Then again, I guess the people living in the gated communities I'm thinking about are the very people the rich gated communities wish to keep out.

    11:45 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Let's just take this idea:
    "Require Pedestrian Access for Gated Areas"

    Would it be suitable, for instance, if you were required to grand "pedestrian acces" into your private house to anyone from the street? Why do building have walls in the first place?

    3:23 PM  
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    That is the way to go, build communities without gates.

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